Are CBD Vapes Safe?

Are CBD Vapes Safe?

January 24, 2019

From capsules to edibles, CBD oils can be consumed in a number of ways. Do you know why CBD vapes are one of the most common ways of ingesting CBD?

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

Whether you’re looking to curb your cigarette cravings to simple seeking to enhance your wellness regime with CBD, the reason that the CBD industry has experienced such growing is largely due to the relaxing and calming effects of CBD on our minds and bodies. But how safe are CBD vape pens? And which CBD brands should we trust?

Overcoming Issues with the CBD Vape Industry

In 2018, the United States Army issued a public health warning after 60 patients in North Carolina reported health issues that officials linked to the use of CBD vape oils. The symptoms reported by patients included: headaches, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, agitation, and seizures. The state of North Carolina followed suite just a few months later after local emergency rooms reported seeing 30 patients suffering from hallucinations, loss of consciousness, and heart irregularities linked with vaping CBD products.

While these reports caused alarm among consumers, it should be noted that CBD itself is safe to consume, even when vaped. However, due to poor regulation of both the vaping market and the CBD markets, has resulted in tainted products making their way onto store shelves. The unreliable quality different CBD vape cartridges or CBD vape kits is a huge challenge to the legitimacy of the CBD industry; that’s why businesses and consumers alike are fighting for testing standards and the establishment of realistic federal standards for the CBD and hemp industries.

Is Vaping CBD Safe?

While the process of vaping shouldn’t change or influence potential risks associated with consumption of CBD, dosing and finding the right product are a challenge. According to  Michelle Peace, a toxicologist and expert on vaping at Virginia Commonwealth University, “when you inhale something as opposed to eating something, you do have to be careful about dosing because inhalation is a much more efficient way to get drugs into the system and be active,” she said.


It is also difficult to validate claims made by many companies in the cannabis and hemp industries. According to Peace, companies claim that vaping CBD makes the same dose about four times more potent, despite there being no conclusive studies to back their claims.

What consumers need to know about CBD Vapes

Despite the great therapeutic potential of CBD vaping, consumers must be particularly vigilant when shopping for ‘CBD vape oil near me.’  In 2017, researchers released a study of ten CBD vape products and found that seven of the ten misrepresented the dosage of CBD and two contained more than the legal amount of THC.


Their findings also speak to confusions regarding of the source of CBD in different vape products, and whether the oil is derived from cannabis or hemp. In her reported findings, Peace also noted that her lab had discovered worrying items in some CBD products that were not labelled on the box. “Rarely have we found that there has been much truth in advertising,” she said. Peace’s advice for consumers? Be as conscientious as possible; that includes reading product labels, requesting third party test results, and consulting their doctors about dosing or possible drug-drug interactions.

CBD Vape Brands You CAN Trust

While better regulation is needed when it comes to CBD vapes, there are brands like CV Sciences, and CBD advocates, like Harmony CBD, who’ve already begun to establish a better standard for how use CBD products while CBD databases like work to aggregate credible information for consumers just like you.

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