Best CBD Vapes to Consider Trying

Best CBD Vapes to Consider Trying

February 13, 2019

With so many CBD products on the shelves, it can be difficult to know how to use CBD to benefit your daily life. For many smokers and vapers, vaping CBD is catching on as a trend for a number of reasons. Discover why with!

Learning About CBD Vapes

Similar to nicotine vape oils, CBD vape oil is used to refer to any vape oil (aka vape juice) that contains CBD. Some CBD vape oils enhance the flavor or experience of vaping by using additives and flavoring. As with many CBD products, there are is still much confusion when it comes to the safety and legality of CBD vape oils.

Does vaping CBD get you high?

For anyone asking “will CBD vape oil get me high?” you’ll be happy to know the answer is no. Like many CBD-infused products on the market, CBD vape oils are made from hemp-derived CBD isolate and therefore contain no THC. It should be noted however, that some CBD vape juices derived from raw hemp may contain trace amounts THC; these are usually called ‘full spectrum’ CBD products.

Why are people vaping CBD?

The growing number of studies and anecdotal cases stacking up in support of CBD have turned the cannabinoid into one of the most demanded products in the consumer sphere. From anxiety relief to helping ease the symptoms of addiction, the benefits of CBD are being considered as a healthier alternative to vaping and smoke.

CBD can help provide relief from:

    Neurodegenerative conditions
    Multiple Sclerosis

Combining the benefits of CBD with those of aromatherapy, CBD vapes have started to appear with blends of beneficial essential oils and terpenes that occur in nature. Find out which CBD vapes you should try in 2019.

Pure Kana CBD Vape Juice

From Anxiety to sleep aid, PureKana has made a name for itself with consistent, high-quality CBD products. Featured by both High Times and Marijuana Break Magazine, their dedication to quality and transparency has helped this CBD company bloom. For those looking for flavor and experience when it comes to vaping, PureKana is a step above the rest. Although the brand carries flavors like mint and vanilla, their use of advanced full-spectrum CO2 extraction techniques, means that the end product is tasty and pesticide free, even without flavoring.

CBDfx Vape

Even if you’re not a CBD consumer or a vaper, it’s likely you’ve already heard of or seen CBDFx products in stores or online. With organic and responsibly sourced hemp products that includes edibles and even vape additives for avid capers, CBDFx is an excellent example of how CBD brands are stepping up to provide their customers with high-quality options and CBD products they can trust.

Select CBD

While Select also produces THC products, this company took their dedication to creating quality products for medical marijuana patients and made the benefits of premium CBD products available to the everyday consumer. Their dynamic and disposable CBD vapes and topicals are not only made with that same medical grade quality, they can also be found online or at a CBD store near you!

How much CBD should I vape?

As with any substance, you definitely want to take individual factors consideration before regularly dosing with CBD. Things to consider include height, weight, size, age, gender, and potential medication interactions. The reason you’re using CBD also will play a factor when it comes to dosing. For example, conditions taking CBD for epilepsy may call for a higher dose of CBD than taking it for anxiety for example.

Stay Informed and Get Educated About How to Use CBD Vapes

When it comes to CBD, there is no such thing as too much information. If you’re curious about trying CBD products but aren’t sure if CBD Vapes are the best option for you, check out the brands products and companies setting the standard for trustworthy and transparent CBD products with!

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