CBD Companies to Watch in 2019

CBD Companies to Watch in 2019

January 14, 2019

The buzz surrounding premium CBD oil and CBD-infused products is absolutely undeniable. With 2018 proving to be the biggest year for CBD yet, sales continue to explode as we head into 2019. CBD currently enjoys the positions of being one of the world’s sought-after health and fitness related markets. Do you know what companies are creating the best CBD products in 2019?

What are the Best CBD Products in 2019?

Although 2019 has just begun, consumer data about the CBD industry is already available. In 2018, CBD  oil drops and pills were the best selling products, with CBD infused beverages, edibles, and topicals gearing up to be significant corners of the CBD market in 2019. In fact, according to Google, the search term ‘CBD gummies’ was the third most searched for term in 2018.

According to market research firm, Brightfield Group, CBD sales in the United States alone are expected to hit $22 Billion by 2022 with other industry watchers making similar projections of continued sales growth.

How are people buying CBD?

The primary source of CBD sales occur on online, but there is a growing number of CBD only stores popping up all over the country. While shopping at a CBD store near you brings you in contact with local retailers, it’s also important to note that traditional retailers often just carry one or two brands while online options offer a diverse array of CBD products and brands to choose from.

For example, in a study published in the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association,’ scientists found that only 30% of the CBD products correctly labeled the levels of CBD and THC in their products. With so much information and so many CBD brands to sift through, we’ve chosen the best CBD products on the market for you to try in 2019.

Charlotte’s Web (CW) CBD by Stanley Brothers

Although one of the more expensive options out there, Charlotte’s Web provides high-quality, hemp-extracted CBD oils in various potencies and sizes. Formulated using whole-plant hemp CBD extracts, these oils contain the entire range of cannabinoids that have been patented by the US Government. Their strongest product, “Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil” is available with different oil bases, including sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil with mint. Extracted using the CO2 and made in the USA, these products are also lab-tested for impurity, pesticides, and herbicides by third party laboratories.

CBD Pure CBD Softgels

As one of the fastest growing segments of the CBD market, CBD capsules, pills, and even suppositories are excellent options for consumers looking for easy ways to consume CBD. As one of the few companies focusing exclusively on CBD products, CBD Pure has built a clean product that consumers can trust. Not only do they extract full spectrum CBD oil through CO2 extraction, CBDPure also uses certified organic industrial hemp sourced from Colorado, and tested to confirm they’re free of harmful pesticides, carcinogens, and herbicides. It’s also important to note that all CBDPure CBD oil products are lab tested and certified; consumers of their products can access lab reports for each lot number and batch by simply requesting them online.

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oils

Launched in the cannabis market in 2014, NuLeaf is considered as one of the older, more well-established CBD oil brands. Based in Colorado, NuLeaf’s founders were established leaders in the plant and medical botany industries long before cannabis became legal in state markets. Because of their expertise and background,transitioning to hemp cultivation and cannabinoid extraction came easily for the Colorado-based brand, which is now responsible for manufacturing one of the highest quality tinctures on the CBD market.

For those looking for local CBD stores and options, NuLeaf Naturals is also one of the few CBD companies to keep an active log of all of their retail storefront locations, allowing you to look through their various products, rather than guessing and purchasing a CBD product that doesn’t fit your expectations or needs.

What CBD Products will You Try in 2019

With so much information getting published every day, shopping for the best CBD products in 2019 is easier than ever. Empower yourself with the CBD oil and product knowledge every consumer should have by subscribing to myCBD.org!

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