CBD Gummies to Try in 2019

CBD Gummies to Try in 2019

September 4, 2019

While there are hundreds of CBD products for consumers to choose from, there’s no question that CBD gummies have taken the industry by storm. Get your questions about CBD gummies answered today!


CBD Gummy Brands in 2019


As one of the most popular methods of ingestion, CBD gummies make it easy to get your dose of CBD discreetly and easily. With so many brands trying to make a name for themselves in the CBD gummy game, we’ve combed through the marketplace for some of the emerging leaders. Learn about which CBD gummy brands are making moves with myCBD.org!


Keep it Pure with PureKana 


While PureKana has only one CBD gummy option available, the brand’s strength and quality make their vegan CBD gummies some of the most popular in the industry. This is particularly true for CBD buyers who have long been asking for healthier, most all-natural options. A bottle of 20 gummies will set you back around $40, but given that each CBD gummy contains 25 mg, the cost is relatively reasonable, especially when it comes with a quality guarantee and a COA.


Make Everyday a Sunday with Sunday Scaries 


If you’ve been searching for CBD gummies to try, chances are you’ve come across Sunday Scaries. As one of the full-spectrum CBD options out there, their “Vegan AF” gummies are made with pure cane sugar. Vitamins B12 and D3 have also been added to these CBD gummies, making them a healthy—and delicious—option for the curious canna-consumer. 


Get Bombed with Hemp Bombs


While some companies only offer one option for CBD gummy enthusiast, Hemp Bombs has developed quite an impressive array of CBD gummies with different potency options. Separated into three different categories, their gummies also come formulated to provide different CBD benefits. Their CBD gummy options include:

  • Original Gummies (which offers 450mg for a 30-count)
  • High-Potency Gummies (which are 750mg for a 30-count)
  • Sleep Gummies (which are 450mg for a 30-count, and enhanced with melatonin). 


Keep it Quality with Charlotte’s Web 


A well-known and beloved name in the CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web also has three different varieties when it comes to their lines CBD Gummies. Their CBD gummies are all 10 mg each but there are different CBD benefits and effects for consumers to choose from:

  • Calm (which provides a relaxing effect)
  • Sleep (which contains melatonin)
  • Recovery (which is made with anti-inflammatory agents including ginger and turmeric)


Pump Up Your CBD Dose with Savage CBD


Made in the good old US of A, these CBD gummies only come in six packs but their heavy dose of CBD means that each CBD gummy packs a ‘savage’ wallup. These CBD gummies are perfect for those who need to constantly dose on the go; Savage CBD’s convenient pouch system is a great way to have your CBD gummies accessible without having to carry a bunch of extra pouches or large bottles around. 


Have You Encountered CBDfx Yet?


Easily one of the most visible CBD brands out there, CBDfx produces an astounding array of CBD products and their gummies are no exception. Their products are made with CBD sourced from organically-grown hemp and contain all-natural ingredients. Although they are constantly diversifying their options for consumers, CBDfx currently offers:

  • Melatonin gummies
  • Regular gummies
  • CBD gummies with turmeric/spirulina


Refine Your Choices with CBDistillery 


While CBDistillery keeps it simple when it comes to their CBD gummies, the company still provides two solid choices to consumers. Made with vegan and organic ingredients, their gummies are made with 30 mg of CBD isolate each and come in packs of 30. With CBD sourced from all-natural hemp, CBDistillery is one of the gummies helping set the standard in the CBD industry.


Stay on Top of Your CBD Gummy Options with myCBD.org!


While researchers are still diving deep into CBD, the cannabinoid’s impact on anxiety and depression has been reported in hundreds, if not thousands, of anecdotal reports show that consumers are finding relief by adding CBD to their lives. Curious about the benefits of CBD edibles and gummies? Learn more about the brands to trust with myCBD.org!. 


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