CBD Brand Spotlight: Elixinol CBD

CBD Brand Spotlight: Elixinol CBD

October 15, 2019

A CBD Brand Founded on a Passion for Research and Quality

Paul Benhaim founded Elixinol with the vision of providing the highest quality products backed by research and to deliver a world-class experience. He has been a highly respected pioneer in the hemp industry since 1993 and founded the world-recognized Hemp Foods Australia.

Using Globally Gathered Knowledge to Create CBD Products that Work

His passion for hemp was inspired by travels in his youth, while his first commercial endeavor in hemp years later was creating a nutritional bar in the UK which was hugely successful. He has shared many of his findings in 6 books and mini-guides he has authored and Paul continues to be a leader in the hemp industry today.

Elixinol’s Commitment to Excellence

Elixinol is committed to its vision to educate, inspire and empower others to live naturally healthy, happy lives with an unwavering commitment to producing only the highest-quality, organic hemp products.  They are a For-Benefit business and actively contribute to the world by donating a portion of all online revenues to health and environmental causes that align with their values.

They have one of the most extensive lines of product offerings in the industry. All of their products are made from 100% organic hemp and they use nano-dispersion technology to increase bioavailability and effectiveness. 

Elixinol Products That CBD Consumers Love

Product lines include capsules, tinctures (including flavors) CBD Liposomes, CBD Powder (a personal favorite), skincare products, a CBD inhaler, topicals, dog treats, hemp seeds, and protein powder and the X-Pen, an oral applicator. All of their products come with premium product quality and consistency guarantees.


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