CBD Brand Spotlight: RE Botanicals

CBD Brand Spotlight: RE Botanicals

October 15, 2019

Honoring the Apothecary Tradition with Hemp Products

John W. Roulac founded RE Botanicals™  after a 20-year legacy in the hemp industry and a personal commitment to living a healthy lifestyle that includes regenerative agriculture. This ensures that RE Botanicals™ honors the artisan apothecary tradition to deliver purity that meets their impressive ethical standards. 

Refining the Art of Small Batch CBD

Always crafted in small batches and blended with organic MCT oil, their organic hemp provides peace of mind that no pesticides, solvents or GMOs will be in the product they create. And the oils they use in their products are always USDA certified organic.

They were the first national brand to sell U.S-grown, USDA certified organic hemp and are also certified glyphosate residue free which ensures their products never contain glyphosate, a cancer-causing synthetic herbicide (often found on wide leaf plants). 

Their products include Relief Body Oils available in Lavender, Peppermint, Ginger-Lime, and Mandarin Turmeric. They have capsules available in a variety of sizes from 10 to 60 units and feature pet products, and tinctures, including a peppermint-flavored tincture for consumers who dislike the taste of raw tinctures.

Why Customers Choose RE Botanicals

RE Botanicals™ is committed to making clean and safe products that are good for people and the planet. They believe that quality starts in the soil and applies to ingredients and processes used to create the highest-quality products available on the market. They also donate 1% of their sales to support farmer education and the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices. 


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