CBD Brand Spotlight: Spruce CBD

CBD Brand Spotlight: Spruce CBD

October 15, 2019

Sprucing Up the Hemp Industry with Lab-Grade CBD Products

Spruce is a family business founded in the belief that modern medicine is broken and in need of alternatives to dangerous pharmaceuticals. Founded in 2018 Spruce produces American made, highest quality, lab-grade CBD.

Sustainably Sourced American CBD Products

They work with two family-owned, sustainably focused farms in the US and have a strong relationship with both farms, which are located in Kentucky and North Carolina. And while they feel blessed to have found both farms after months and months of searching for the highest quality, most effective, and safest family-owned farms in the US. 

Spruce is devoted to getting the most effective results from a quality CBD product and found that the best combination of CBD, low-level THC, and terpenes came from using a moonshine extraction method. The moonshine is completely filtered out of the product before it is bottled so it leaves no taste. The Spruce website is a wealth of information about CBD for consumers who are still researching information on how best to use CBD to complement their own healthy living lifestyle.

Make the Most of Your Budget with CBD You Can Trust

While Spruce doesn’t have the largest selection of products, those they create are focused on getting the most bang for your buck. They offer a 2400mg Max Potency CBD Oil Tincture, a 300 mg Topical CBD Cream, a 75mg CBD Oil Tincture and have a dog-friendly CBD oil.

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