CBD Brand Spotlight: Sunday Scaries

CBD Brand Spotlight: Sunday Scaries

October 15, 2019

Scare Away Anxiety with Sunday Scaries CBD

After the stresses of opening a bar business together became overwhelming, friends Mike and Beau were anxious and on edge. Luckily their good friend Garrett introduced them to the healing properties of CBD. They immediately fell in love with the cool, calm results, and zero side effects. As they researched CBD they immediately realized the overwhelming lack of information about dosing, amongst other things. They wanted a high-quality product; something they would feel good about putting their bodies. 

Taking the Guesswork Out of Consuming CBD Products

The guys saw an opportunity to do something different; create a CBD company that was passionately transparent, easy to dose, simple to take on the go and fun. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about the chemicals we put in our body, but the mood we show up with every day.

And so began a labor of love for the guys. They started Sunday Scaries with a commitment to quality products, but in a fun, energetic way. Because they believe being healthy and happy means having fun and taking products you feel confident about. 

Why Consumers are Buying Sunday Scaries CBD

Sunday Scaries has a massive line of different products to choose from. They pride themselves on exact dosing and only using locally sourced, 100% organic hemp-derived CBD.  They have CBD Gummies, including a line of vegan gummies for health-conscious consumers. They offer CBD Oil, CBD Energy shot, CBD Bear Bath Bombs, and a candy called Unicorn Jerky. All of their CBD products include vitamin B12 and D3 to assist in the body’s ability to heal. 


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