CBD Non-Profits Helping Patients Around the World

CBD Non-Profits Helping Patients Around the World

March 8, 2019

Whether you’re new to the cannabis and CBD communities or not, it’s important to understand the importance of patient stories. Discover how you can give back or access CBD for yourself or a patient in need with myCBD.org.

Building Community and Helping Patients with CBD Non-Profit Organizations

Patient stories are at the heart of many cannabis companies, but did you know that there are not-for-profit organizations built to educate and connect potential CBD patients to the care, knowledge, and products they need to improve their lives?

Patients and Parents Fighting for Access to CBD and Hemp Remedies

 Despite the plethora of CBD infused foods and products we’re seeing in stores and dispensaries across the country, access to CBD for children and medical cannabis patients can get tricky and expensive. From issues getting access to sound dosing advice and medical expertise to legal and financial barriers, CBD non-profits have started sprouting up across the country to help parents, patients, and children learn about, find, and use CBD to improve the quality of their lives.

Saving Sophie through Cannakids

Founded by Tracy Ryan after her 8 ½ month-old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer,  SavingSophie.org, is a non-profit that focuses on cancer, epilepsy and autism education as well as raising funds for patients in need. Ryan, who is also a global advocate for medical cannabis and CBD, also founded Cannakids, a California Cooperative Cooperation specializing in the creation of lab tested and Ph.D. scientist extracted cannabis oils. In addition to providing information, education, and resources to families coping with cancer diagnoses, Cannakids and SavingSophie.org have both been instrumental in supporting the development of cannabis cancer research.

In 2018, the Cannakids announced plans to fund four years of cannabis and cancer research at the Technion Institute in Israel. Cannakids’ partnership with CURE Pharmaceuticals, “a cannabis a leading disruptive drug delivery technology and pharmaceutical cannabinoid molecule development company,” is aimed at helping find medical solutions that deliver proven drugs quickly, efficiently, and with the intent to improve patients’ quality of life.

Get Access to CBD Therapies with ECHO

Another CBD non-profit aimed at improved the education and production standards surrounding the hemp and CBD industry is ECHO. A charitable organization based in the Netherlands, ECHO is an international non-profit that connects donors with families or individuals in need of the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and THC. Primarily funded by small donors, ECHO is “able to provide those with life-threatening conditions much-needed access to CBD, as well as medical supplies, education materials, scholarships, housing opportunities.”

In addition to gathering financial donations for patients in need, ECHO also helps its clients by taking product donations and financial aid programs to qualifying families. At ECHO the mission is to “create a bridge connecting those seeking the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids or cannabidiol (CBD) with the resources, community support, and medical professional guidance needed to move forward.”

Should I Contact a CBD Non-Profit?

Think you might be a candidate for medical CBD? Whether you’re looking for financial assistance or CBD product knowledge, a good place to start is your local cannabis patient clinic or dispensary. You can also research credible cannabis testing labs for product COAs or request to test your own products before incorporating CBD into your wellness routine or daily vitamin regimen. Curious about what CBD stores and resources you can find in your state? Find out with myCBD.org!




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