Celebrity CBD Trends: Cannabis Makes it to the Oscars

Celebrity CBD Trends: Cannabis Makes it to the Oscars

February 27, 2019

From star-studded red carpets to over-the-top parties and goodies bags, Oscar season is about luxury, indulgence, and in 2019, self-care. Find out how cannabis and hemp products enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame as a part of the goodie bags for the nominees.

CBD Gifts and Cannabis Products featured in Oscar Goody Bags

While much attention goes to the red carpet, Oscar goody bags are known far and wide for their over-the-top contents, including exotic vacations, boutique cosmetics, and most recently, THC and CBD products.

Packed with more than $100,000 worth of products and giveaways for celebrity attendees by niche marketing company Distinctive Assets, this year’s Oscar’s bags celebrated cannabis-infused self-care. Discover which brands and services made the cut with myCBD.org!

While not officially affiliated with the Academy itself, the practice of showering nominees with trendy gifts is almost as old as the ceremony itself. Which of these cannabis and hemp products would you try?

Celebrate the Crescendo of Cannabis with Coda Signature Products

coda signature trufflesBased in Colorado but launching in California in 2019, Coda Signature is a cannabis brand dedicated to setting a standard of excellence through its CBD and THC-infused edibles, topicals, and concentrates. According to the company’s mission statement:

“With music as our muse and cannabis as our medium, Coda Signature creates cannabis-infused products full of inspiration and imagination. Each product tells a story through exciting colors, bold flavors, and luxurious aromas that harmonize seamlessly with impeccable craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Coda Signature elevates the experience of cannabis the way music elevates life.”

VIP Membership for ‘Medicine of the Angels’

medicine of the angels los angelesDubbed “LA’s first cannabis-friendly social club,” by the Independent, Medicine of the Angels, or MOTA as it is also known, is a family owned and operated cannabis collective. With established roots in California’s cannabis community, MOTA has always been a dispensary “focused on elevating consciousness and promoting wellness by breeding first-class genetics at an affordable price.” In addition to their homegrown flower, MOTA also carries an array of  cannabis and CBD products for members to choose from at an affordable price.

CBDRxSupreme Protocol By Renee Lynn

c-youth CBD oilsCreated by esthetician to the stars, Renee Lynn, C-Youth is an organically-derived CBD oil line containing anti-aging botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C. At more than $100 per bottle, this luxurious line of products is aimed at improving skin health while also easing anxiety, improving sleep, and even help lower stress.

High Beauty Cannabis Skincare Products

high beauty cannabis sativa seed oilFrom their certified organic ingredients list to vegetarian and cruelty-free manufacturing standards, High Beauty’s full spectrum cannabis oil products are “formulated using only cannabis seed extracts” and “powered by cannabis sativa.” While there’s no THC, CBD, or CBN High Beauty’s Five Facial Moisturizer and Cannabis Facial Oil, both products are made with cannabis seed oil which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Celebrity Endorsed CBD and Cannabis Products

Given Hollywood’s support of cannabis and CBD products, it may not be surprising that the gift bag of the year would incorporate cannabis and hemp-infused products. From actors likes Melissa McCarthy to icons like Snoop Dog and every kind of celebrity in-between, the benefits of CBD and cannabis have been embraced by stars both on and off the screen. While some celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Chong, and Willie Nelson may seem like easy fits for the cannabis space, other celebrities are throwing their hats into the CBD space.

According to Troy Dayton, CEO of market research firm, Arcview Group this is important for a number of reasons. “One of the biggest challenges cannabis has is a certain narrow stereotype associated with it,” he said. “When a celebrity who doesn’t fit the stereotype [of a pot smoker] gets into promoting cannabis, it expands the conceptual footprint that cannabis has in the minds of current and potential consumers.”

Because of this, it’s important for the industry to see lines like those developed by Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge, who aren’t known for their association with cannabis use. Whoopi & Maya, a cannabis-infused line of topicals and edibles geared towards women’s’ health, is positioned as a solution for everything from menstrual pain to mood enhancement. Etheridge, who is a cancer survivor, told reporters that her decision to launch her own line was influenced by her own use of cannabis and CBD to help cope with the symptoms of chemotherapy.

What’s Next for the CBD Industry?

Cannabis is infusing the mainstream in everything from CBD Oscar goodie bags to celebrity cannabis and CBD products; make sure you’re staying on top of CBD industry news while discovering your different options with myCBD.org.

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