CBD Brand Spotlight: Endoca

CBD Brand Spotlight: Endoca

October 22, 2019

Combining Healing and Innovation with Endoca CBD

Henry Vincenty founded Endoca with a primary focus to research and develop innovative Cannabis extracts. After decades of research, Vicenty discovered that hemp-derived CBD may be used for many common ailments. With a background in science, Henry used his family knowledge and expertise from years of experience in hemp cultivation to extract the oil from the hemp plant – and now, they’re producing some of the finest hemp oil in the world.

Going Beyond Organic with Hemp and CBD

They grow only 100% organic hemp; avoiding genetically-modified products or harsh chemicals which means plants only interact with organic and sustainable elements to produce the highest-quality CBD hemp oil. Endoca also endeavors to educate customers, clients, and communities in the best way to promote a healthy lifestyle through their fully organic, locally grown hemp-derived CBD products.

But they go further than simply being ‘organic’, they’re implementing policies to ensure sustainability by developing hemp packaging to reduce pollution caused by paper and plastics. They’re even looking at solar energy as a sustainable source of electricity for their facility. 

Why Consumers Opt for Endoca CBD

And while they look to make their business100% sustainable, we can enjoy their full line-up of quality products. With everything from capsules, suppositories, they also offer edibles, extracts, food supplements, crystals, creams and pre-selected packs for novices, and experts alike. Check out their fully sustainable, high-quality, organic, hemp-derived CBD products today!


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