CBD Brand Spotlight: Fab CBD

CBD Brand Spotlight: Fab CBD

October 22, 2019

Find the CBD Product for You with Fab CBD

Fab CBD was founded in 2017 to build a product line for the everyday person to
discover the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. They believe in formulating quality
products with specific intent and purpose which means no gimmicks, no hype, just

Combining Decades of Experience in the Health Industry with a Passion for Helping Consumers

As a team, they have a combined 25 years in the health, fitness, and supplement
industries. With a passion for helping customers reach their happy place through
their quality products and building a more productive lifestyle, Fab CBD is obsessed
with helping people feel great, look great and perform at their highest level.

Practicing What You Preach and Helping People Along the Way

The Fab CBD mission is simple; to help customers by creating the best possible
products on the market. They strive to pioneer a new generation of people living a
preventative wellness lifestyle and plan on achieving this lofty goal through science
and innovation. And they practice what they preach. In their spare time, Fab CBD team members are working on our personal growth and development, helping with charities
worldwide, and trying to get stronger physically and mentally by working out

What Sets Fab CBD Apart from Competitors

The line of Fab CBD products includes CBD Oils, CBD Topical Cream, CBD Gummies,
CBD Vape Pen and a line of CBD Pet Products. They offer a 30-Day Money Back
Guarantee so there is no better time to try one the best CBD oil on the market!

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