CBD Brand Spotlight: Not Pot

CBD Brand Spotlight: Not Pot

October 22, 2019

Chill Out, It’s Not Pot

Katie Holland started Not Pot with a determined commitment to right some of the wrongs created by the racial bias of cannabis prohibition and arrests.  She has created an anomaly when it comes to CBD companies. They have only one product, a CBD Gummy, unheard of in an emerging industry in which most companies are casting a wider net. But it’s more about what they do for social justice reform that makes them stand out in a crowded market.

They’re Just Gummy Bears…with CBD

Their little gummy bears are adorable, but in addition to their inflammation-fighting qualities, they pack a powerful punch — a commitment to giving back to some of those who have been most affected by the War on Drugs. Not Pot has strict standards for its formula and firmly backs each bottle of gummies it sells.

Each bottle of Not Pot contains 30 polar bear-shaped gummies that are completely vegan but are also free of artificial flavoring. The chewy bites are made with ingredients like strawberries and apple pectin and produced in a facility that’s certified organic, allergen-free, and kosher.

Additionally, each gummy contains 10mg of a proprietary blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, which is different from the CBD isolate found in many other products. Not Pot utilizes the entire hemp plant, taking advantage of all its healing properties instead of isolating just one component. 

Why Consumers Crave Not Pot CBD Gummies

Their CBD Gummy has a full 5-star rating and has a massive consumer base of loyal customers. They pride themselves on being transparent and only using the best quality ingredients. Great for first time CBD users!

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