CBD Brand Spotlight: Salt Creek

CBD Brand Spotlight: Salt Creek

October 22, 2019

Finding Balance with Salt Creek Ranch CBD

In 1995 Fran MacKenzie fell in love with the Salt Creek Ranch and purchased the farm with her sister. Her family has been ranching for generations and Fran’s daughter Margaret has never shied away from a challenge, whether it’s competitive horse jumping, flying helicopters or starting a hemp farm. She has become a leader in the hemp industry, as a board member of the Colorado Hemp Industries Assoc, lobbying lawmakers, educating those new to hemp farming, and championing the independent farmer.

Sowing the Seeds of Success Through Experience and Excellence

The MacKenzie family has decades of experience working with organic ingredients and Fran has been key in the soil health and product formulations. Because the soil was already so healthy, it was a perfect place to start planting hemp.

Very few hemp farms have over 5 years experience growing hemp, and even fewer companies turn their hemp into premium CBD products the way Salt Creek Hemp does. Salt Creek Hemp’s botanical remedies focus on creating balance within the body. Their family-owned ranch in Plateau Valley, Colorado, uses the purest, safest methods available to consistently grow quality, small-batch whole flower hemp products. 

Holding CBD Brands to a Higher Standard

The combination of organically-primed soil, healthy cover crops, pure mountain air, daily toil in the fields and hand-harvesting creates the highest standard of hemp.  Salt Creek Hemp always tests each finished product to ensure they deliver the potency and purity they publish on their labels. Salt Creek Hemp has CBD products that range from Softgels to Tinctures to Topicals. They even offer a branded t-shirt so you can support their family-owned and operated farm.


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