CBD Stores: Temporary Trend or Here to Stay?

CBD Stores: Temporary Trend or Here to Stay?

January 8, 2019

Consumers around the world are discovering and demanding CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from cannabis and hemp due to its incredible benefits. Particularly in state markets where cannabis has been legalized, CBD extracts have been seen in everything from supplements and lotions to foods and cosmetics.

Exploring the Trend of CBD Stores

When it comes to the benefits of incorporating CBD into your routine, there are several reasons you might consider searching ‘how to find CBD near me.’ The dynamic CBD benefits offered by products you’ll find at a CBD store are sought after by a variety of consumers; from people trying to ease insomnia or chronic pain, to those coping with debilitating conditions like epilepsy.

The increased interest in CBD to help improve quality of life means that you’re likely to find a CBD only store in most states, even ones where cannabis is still illegal. While hemp has been legalized by the Farm Bill of 2018, cannabis is still federally prohibited, and CBD is regarded as a ‘drug ingredient’ by the FDA.

The incredible demand for CBD however, means that consumers looking for relief instead of a high, have more places to go, especially in states where medical or recreational cannabis markets have been legalized. Reasons you may consider going to CBD only stores instead of a dispensary or shopping online include:

  • Gaining access to both hemp-derived and cannabis-derived CBD products (in cannabis legal markets only)
  • Learning how to use CBD first-hand
  • Discovering local and organic options
  • Ensure that you aren’t buying or selling cannabis-derived CBD across state lines


According to the Hemp Business Journal, hemp-based CBD stores represented 14% of CBD sales in 2017 with projections of growth up to 28% by 2022.

What kinds of products will I find at a CBD store near me?

Regardless of the state you’re in, there are a number of options for every kind of CBD products fro consumers out there. Although the kinds of CBD products you opt for will depend on the symptoms you’re looking for relief common kinds of products you’ll find on CBD store shelves include:

  • CBD Isolate or Distillate power
  • CBD topicals, including salves, lotions, ointments and oils
  • CBD-infused cooking oils, butters, and fats
  • CBD-infused tinctures, both oral and topical
  • CBD cosmetics, lip balms, and face creams
  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD capsules and suppositories
  • CBD vaporizers, cartridges, inhalers

Who goes to CBD stores?

While it may seem like CBD is another trend propelled by younger generations, many CBD store owners and brands are finding that their products appeal to a different crowd. The geriatric community, many of whom struggle with pain or sleep issues, find themselves asking about CBD products as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Find Out Where You Can Find Legal Hemp and CBD Products Near You

From learning about how to use CBD products and educating yourself online, to finding CBD stores in a city near you, there are numerous ways to educate yourself on CBD benefits and applications.

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