CBD Brand Spotlight: Charlotte’s Web

More than a Fairytale – How Charlotte’s Web CBD Helped Heal a Child Started in 2014, Charlotte’s Web is one of the most recognized brands in the Hemp-derived CBD industry today and has been in business since early 2014. Considered pioneers for creating low THC, high… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Salt Creek

Finding Balance with Salt Creek Ranch CBD In 1995 Fran MacKenzie fell in love with the Salt Creek Ranch and purchased the farm with her sister. Her family has been ranching for generations and Fran’s daughter Margaret has never shied away from a challenge, whether it’s competitive horse jumping,… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Cannuka CBD

Solving Skin Issues with Cannuka CBD Cannuka founder, Michael Bumgarner grew up on a farm in rural Ohio. He had an early interest in legalizing industrial hemp and a passion for its health benefits. Michael learned about skin issues from his wife Kelly who works in dermatology. Her… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Endoca

Combining Healing and Innovation with Endoca CBD Henry Vincenty founded Endoca with a primary focus to research and develop innovative Cannabis extracts. After decades of research, Vicenty discovered that hemp-derived CBD may be used for many common ailments. With a background in science, Henry used his family… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Elixinol CBD

A CBD Brand Founded on a Passion for Research and Quality Paul Benhaim founded Elixinol with the vision of providing the highest quality products backed by research and to deliver a world-class experience. He has been a highly respected pioneer in the hemp industry… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Equilibria CBD

A CBD Brand Built for Women, By Women Equilibria was co-founded by Marcy Capron Vermillion and Coco Meers with a commitment to women’ s health. Both of their lives were forever changed by CBD. Marcy was able to drastically reduce pharmaceutical drugs and tackle mental health… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Sträva Coffee 

Sträva Coffee is unique in the world of CBD products. They’re known for making exceptional signature coffee. But by pairing an incredible specialty coffee experience with all the benefits of CBD-rich, full-spectrum hemp sourced from organic Colorado growers, Sträva Coffee has emerged as a leader in the… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Fab CBD

Find the CBD Product for You with Fab CBD Fab CBD was founded in 2017 to build a product line for the everyday person to discover the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. They believe in formulating quality products with specific intent and purpose which means no gimmicks,… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Joy Organics

A CBD That Focuses on Service, Innovation, and Excellence Joy Smith started Joy Organics with a clear ambition: to develop premium CBD products through innovation and excellence, with service to match. Her dedication to quality and customer care stems from her journey with CBD. Joy struggled… Read More

CBD Brand Spotlight: Lazarus Naturals

Making CBD with the Mission of Increasing Access Lazarus Naturals was founded in 2014 by Sequoia Price-Lazarus – CEO and Founder. He started the company with the belief that quality CBD products should be widely available to those who need them most, an inspired goal to be… Read More