Former PepsiCo-East president joins Cannabiniers’ board of directors

Former PepsiCo-East president joins Cannabiniers’ board of directors

November 13, 2018

Cannabiniers, a beverage and technology company in the cannabis industry, announced today that Michael Lorelli, former president of PepsiCo-East, will join as its newest board member.

Beverages infused with CBD and THC could become a multi-billion dollar market in the United States in the next four years, according to projections by Cannabiniers.

“Having led high performing businesses from all angles, including manufacturing, distribution, sales and agreements, I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and help Cannabiniers achieve rapid success in this emerging industry,” Lorelli said in the announcement. “Cannabiniers has already positioned itself as a leader in the fast growing and ever-evolving cannabis industry, I’m thrilled to be supporting this groundbreaking company as it continues to disrupt the trillion dollar CPG industry.”

In addition to serving as president of PepsiCo-East, and holding a variety of corporate director seats in both public and private companies, Lorelli has served as president of Pizza Hut International, president of PepsiCola’s Eastern United States bottling operations and chief marketing officer for PepsiCola North America.

“Our business is growing in every way possible, from revenues, people, real estate, and complexity; as such it is a top priority for management to ensure that we develop and grow governance at a pace that matches or exceed the company’s growth rate,” said Timothy Walters, president and chief operating officer of Cannabiniers. “We are excited to have Mike join our company, as a former President of Pepsi Co (a Fortune 50 Company), responsible for over a billion dollars in annual revenues Mike brings priceless experience, structure and vision to our organization. We see this as an indicator of where public and corporate opinion is regarding cannabis (THC and CBD), as well as an indicator of how our brands are perceived by CPG Professionals, CPG corporations and the market.”

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About Cannabiniers

Cannabiniers, located in San Diego, CA, is a beverage, technology & brand management company revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first to market, patented, safe, natural and fast acting infusion technology focusing on products that are healthy for the consumer and that positively impact the environment with products that will continue the mission of normalizing cannabis use.

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