Hemp Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2019

Hemp Companies to Keep Your Eye on in 2019

March 19, 2019

Despite the legal limbo that CBD currently faces in the US, the legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill and the FDA approval of Epidiolex, means there’s hope for the federal future of cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis and hemp launched nationally in Canada and most Americans able to access CBD legally, hemp giants are starting to emerge.

Cannabis and CBD Companies Making Hemp Industry History

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Putting Patients First is Paying off for CW Hemp Inc.

Based in Colorado, CW Hemp Inc. is arguably one of the best known and publicly traded hemp companies in the United States. Originally founded by seven brothers and known as Stanley Brothers Inc., CW Hemp earned national attention after developing a high CBD strain of cannabis. Their name may have changed, but their mission hasn’t. Inspired by the motto, “Do well by doing good,” the company maintains its commitment to giving back.  According to their website,

“Value is not measured by revenue and profits. It’s gauged by a continued dedication to the groups we serve. We create focused, measured, meaningful philanthropic partnerships. From active and vibrant employee volunteerism to donating a minimum of 2% pre-tax revenue to vetted charitable organizations, we use our business as a force for hope, strength and virtue.”

In September 2018, the company quietly made hemp history by raising more than $100 million during its initial public offering. The company also spearheads efforts at making CBD mainstream, including their sponsorship of three-day party and event during the 2019 Sundance Festival.

Industrial Hemp Goes Global at Isodiol International Inc.

Isodiol International is one of a handful of public hemp companies with a global presence. With operations and facilities in America, Canada, the UK and EU, and China, Isodiol specializes in providing natural CBD-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products to the global market. As a leader in the space, “Isodiol and its team of collaborators have brought together experienced chemists, professors, and technicians who have performed 15 years of in­depth study of hemp plants and CBD hemp oil. These studies have resulted in unique cultivars that Isodiol and its partners then process to extract pure CBD oil.”

With dozens of products and brands to choose from, companies like Isodiol seek partnerships with entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and more to find and develop products that fit into the everyday lives of their consumers. In addition to its broad global reach and significant access to both research and capital, one of Isodiol’s subsidiaries recently earned approval from the United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to use of CBD as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical products. Former NFL player and cannabis advocate Marvin Washington also sits on the company’s board of directors. In 2018, Washington made headlines by speaking up about his injuries and how CBD and cannabis helped wean him off of opiates.

CV Sciences Steps it Up

Founded in 2012 and with primary facilities in both California and Nevada, CV Sciences manufactures CBD-based pharmaceuticals and wellness products. To this end, the company operates two distinct divisions: pharmaceuticals and consumer products. Each division is operated under the supervision of a medical and scientific advisory board and supported with state-of-the-art production facilities. The company is also currently working to earn FDA approval for creating drugs with CBD as an active ingredient. One of these products, a chewing gum containing synthetic CBD and nicotine, has completed its preclinical phase and is geared towards helping tobacco users and cigarette smokers kick their habits. The company also made industry history in September of 2018 when it became the first hemp company to receive the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status in accordance with stringent FDA guidelines for safety.

Transitioning from Cannabis to Hemp with Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a licensed cannabis producer based in Alberta, Canada and the second largest cannabis company in the world. Founded in 2006, Aurora has grown through several acquisitions, including Pedanios GmbH, based in Germany. As a wholesale importer, exporter, and distributor of medicinal cannabis for the European Union, Pedanios is the largest medical cannabis distributor of by volume of product sold. As of March 2018, the company is also one of just three distributors offering cannabis flower from Canada and the Netherlands.

In September of 2018, Aurora added hemp production and distribution to their portfolio by acquiring Europe’s largest producer of certified organic hemp and hemp products, Agropro UAB (Agropro). As part of the acquisition, Aurora also bought Agropro’s sister company Borela UAB, which processes and distributes hemp in Europe. According to the company’s announcement: “Currently, Agropro and Borela have 1,600 hectares under contract; which has a potential yield of more than one million kilograms of organic hemp when combined with additional contracts available to expand to more than 3,000 hectares across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.”

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