How CBD Can Enhance Your Workout

How CBD Can Enhance Your Workout

December 26, 2018

From ointments and lotions to coffee, CBD is being added to just about everything. But do you know what CBD benefits are leading more people to incorporate into their workouts as well? Find out why even NFL players and UFC fighters are advocating for access to CBD with

Using CBD Benefits to Enhance Your Workout

As more consumers get the opportunity to experience the benefits of CBD oil, athletes and health enthusiasts have turned to CBD to enhance their fitness routine. With its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, CBD has been found to aid in muscle recovery and growth. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its prohibited substance list. Formed in 1999 by the Olympic Committee, WADA maintains a list a banned and approved substances that serve as the guidelines for hundreds of sports organizations around the globe.

WADA’s CBD-friendly policy was prompted by the increasing number of reports and studies showing the applications and benefits of CBD oil. According to a preliminary WHO report published in February 2018, “naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans (and animals), and is not associated with any negative public health effects.” The report further established that there are no risks of addiction when it comes to incorporating CBD into your life.

In addition to the growing body of clinical evidence supporting the incorporation CBD near you into your wellness regime, athletes have also spoken up for CBD and its potential to combat the opioid epidemic that threatens professional leagues, including the NFL. Offensive Tackle Eugene Monroe, who has struggled with pain management as a result of career injuries is one of the professionals leading the charge, but he’s not alone. Other professional athletes that advocate for CBD include Derek Morgan, Cullen Jenkins, and Randy Williams.

How CBD Fitness Benefits Can Enhance Your Workout

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to enhance your workout with CBD. From increasing gains to helping your muscles recover, discover how the right CBD oil dosage can improve your workout AND your quality of life.

CBD eases inflammation so you can workout without getting too sore

While a bit of soreness can be expected after a rigorous workout, working out incorrectly or too often can lead to injury and inhibit your performance during training. The ability of CBD to help your muscles repair themselves also encourages muscle growth, especially for those looking to build.

CBD Improves your body’s ability to repair itself overnight

If a good night’s sleep is crucial on a normal day, it’s even more important on leg or arm day. Numerous studies show that CBD improves your ability to get to sleep faster without the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical options.

Use to CBD to help you focus so that workout actually happens

Have you ever struggled with getting into the habit of working out? Turns out, CBD may be able to help with that. In study designed to look at how cannabidiol interacts with those diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, CBD oil helped participants improve their focus. While more research needs to be conducted with the general public, CBD fitness benefits can be experienced using a variety of products, including topicals, edibles, oils, creams, and more.

Find Out How CBD Benefits Can Help You, Too

Whether it’s dredging up the focus to complete your daily workout, to helping your muscles heal faster, if you’re looking at get healthy in 2019, try incorporating CBD into your routine. Curious about which CBD products to trust? Subscribe to our newsletter to find out!


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