Improving Women’s Health with CBD

Improving Women’s Health with CBD

December 20, 2018

Far from the ‘stoner’ stereotype, the modern female consumer looks to companies that can reflect cannabis’ evolution in their lives and products that allow them to responsibly consume without disrupting the flow of their daily lives. From edibles to CBD oil, women’s health is changing as new wellness tools enter market in the form of Cannabidiol.

CBD Oil and Women’s Health: Examining the Benefits

From physiological to psychological wellness, women consumers have played a crucial role in the development of the CBD market. Learn about the CBD oil benefits and side effects, or lack thereof that have women stocking up on CBD products.

Clearing up Acne with CBD

Acne is typically caused by an overproduction of oil, known as sebum, by the body. A study published in 2014 found CBD inhibits the production of this oil, which coats the hair on our faces, trapping bacteria and causing acne. The study also found CBD could be an effective treatment for skin conditions, like eczema, for the same reasons it treats so many other ailments: its anti-inflammatory properties. Though the research is limited and still developing, skin companies have already responded to demand and CBD lotions and creams are one of the quickest growing segments of the CBD industry.

Make Your Migraine Go Away with CBD

In women, migraines, like depression and anxiety, can often be associated with hormonal or metabolic shifts. Following puberty, women are three times more likely than men to cope with migraines. Some women experience “menstrual migraines” every two to three periods while others cope with chronic migraines that can be both sudden and debilitating.

For example, a survey by CBD company Care by Design found that of the 2495 patients they asked, ALL respondents who used CBD oil for pain caused by migraines or headaches reported experiencing a decrease in discomfort and an increase in their overall wellness.

Taking CBD for Insomnia

Did you know that one in four women report difficulty falling asleep? According to research, two times as many women than men use benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin—drugs which come with a high risk of addiction—to help them get to sleep at night. It’s important to note that benzodiazepines like Xanax are also prescribed for anxiety, which causes insomnia, and which CBD can also help relieve.

Improving Your Sex Life with CBD

Though not as taboo as it once was, the discussion around sexual health and satisfaction is integral to wellness, and it’s one that women want to have. Many women have difficulty enjoying sex merely because their nerves are on overdrive and they can’t relax or enjoy the moment with their partner. That’s where CBD comes in. From suppositories to CBD topicals, more products than ever are coming out for women who experience pain from penetration or discomfort during intercourse. Though more research is needed, these products can improve blood flow and lubrication just like more traditional lubes and, unlike THC, they don’t run the risk of getting you so high.

Learn the Truth About CBD Oil and Where to Find It

As CBD oil for women’s health becomes more mainstream, female consumers are learning about the benefits of incorporating CBD into their wellness routine. Do you use CBD? Tell us your MyCBD story by connecting with our team today or exploring our news section to learn about different CBD products you may want to try!

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