Innovative CBD Products to Try in 2019

Innovative CBD Products to Try in 2019

February 4, 2019

As legal cannabis and CBD products enter more consumer markets around the world, it’s CBD, not THC getting that is spurring innovation in the hemp and cannabis space. Find out which innovative CBD products are hitting the shelves with

Innovation Driving the Development of CBD Products

Despite an uncertain regulatory landscape, cannabis and hemp companies in North America and abroad are investing heavily in CBD and betting big on research and development in this emergent space. From new formulas and formats to precision dosing methods, the CBD industry will soon rival traditional markets when it comes to the sophistication of products.

Where once CBD was considered a last resort treatment for people and children coping with debilitating conditions like epilepsy, products containing cannabidiol are now one of the most demanded in the consumer marketplace. As CBD’s benefits have become increasingly understood, innovation has also helped by allowing producers to give consumers more options.

With so many new players in the CBD industry, innovation is the name of the game for CBD brands hoping to set themselves apart from the rest. As companies work to develop different methods of CBD delivery, we’re seeing a larger variety of products making their way into consumers’ hands.

Curious about different ways to use CBD? You can now choose from standard oil tinctures; edible products like gummies, and candies; CBD sports drinks and protein shakes have also been specifically formulated to help with post-workout recovery. Even skin care product manufacturers have found utility in CBD’s ability to improve the look and feel of skin when used topically.

One of the largest areas of innovation in the CBD industry is precision dosing technology. As new and emerging product spaces, one of the most important questions producers and regulators are trying to answer about cannabis and CBD products is how to best ensure that consumers are getting exact and consistent dosages for their needs. Although companies are still developing new and more precise methods of measurement, several CBD products have been launched to help solve this industry hurdle.

The Most Innovative CBD Products to Try

As more states allow CBD products derived from hemp to be sold in various products, many companies are developing products that harness the natural healing capabilities of CBD and cannabis. Here are a few CBD brands that have gone out of their way to create high-quality products that work.

The Highdration Mask CBD Face Mask

highdration CBD mask

A CBD-infused sheet mask for your face, The Highdration Mask, is a hemp-based topical product with a cannabidiol twist. While sheet masks have been commonly sold by cosmetics companies for years, traditional sheet masks are generally made of cotton or paper material that has been soaked in a serum and then packaged for individual use.

The creators of the Highdration mask, however, have gone out of their way to create a product that is completely organic. Containing a combination of wet and dry oils that balance and hydrate the skin, the Highdration mask also contains hemp-derived CBD, alkaline water, tangerine terpenes, coconut oil, rosehip oil, apricot extract, and castor oil moisturize your skin while leaving you smelling like a freshly-peeled orange.

Not Pot Chocolate Hearts

not pot bcd chocolate heartsFinally! A CBD product that won’t make you feel guilty for indulging in. Each of Not Pot’s dark chocolate hearts contains 2mg of organic CBD derived from hemp. These bite-sized delights also contain ashwagandha root, an herb frequently used in Ayurvedic medicine because of it its adaptogenic and anti-anxiety properties. Because they’re sweetened with low glycemic maple sugar, Not Pot hearts are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. Based in San Francisco, Not Pot most recently released a limited-edition line of CBD-infused coconut butter in collaboration with Pearl Butter.

Good Stuff Tonics Kombucha

cannabis infused kombuchaWith the rise of craft fermented beverages, The Good Stuff Tonics, based out of San Diego, decided to combine the kombucha craze with cannabis. This healthy, cannabis-infused twist on an American favorite comes with a 50mg CBD to 4mg THC ratio, which helps consumer experience the full spectrum benefits of the cannabinoids in each product. As a California-based brand, Good Stuff Tonics can be found in several dispensaries throughout southern California and in-state residents can order directly from the company by visiting their website.

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