New Apps and High Tech CBD Drive Industry Growth

New Apps and High Tech CBD Drive Industry Growth

February 26, 2019

With the legalization of hemp expanding the access of the CBD industry to consumers, ancillary industries like technology, development, and research are shaping the way the CBD industry is growing.

Technology and Innovation Driving CBD Industry Growth

With the global hemp industry projected to grow to 22 billion by 2022, start-ups and technology firms are rushing to help demanding consumers find the cannabis, CBD, and hemp products that they want and can trust. From applications that help you find deals to designer products and even point of sale software, discover what companies are changing the way you look at CBD.

Find Your Products with Eaze

With so many companies rushing to market with the goal of becoming the next cannabis brand to break into the mainstream applications like Eaze have risen through the ranks for those looking for product delivery. Based in San Francisco, the app serves as an intermediary between patients and dispensaries. In addition to helping patients get their cannabis recommendations, Eaze also boasts an impressive delivery time. In just 20 minutes or less, depending on your Zip Code, Eaze will deliver your CBD or cannabis products safely, legally, and quickly. Already serving more than 250,000 patients, Eaze also ships vetted CBD products across the country.

Connect with Cannabis Culture with MassRoots

If you’re a curious cannabis consumer, it’s likely that you’ve already heard of MassRoots. Not only is MassRoots an online community for the cannabis consumer, but it’s also one of the primary platforms connecting people to reliable product feedback. With more than 1 million users, MassRoots allows users to look for everything from dispensaries to smoking buddies.

Is My Headset On?

Created by two of the minds behind Leafly, Headset is a Business Integration platform for growers, retailers like CBD stores, and dispensaries. The platform provides a live feed of sales data, reporting, and local market insights to help growers, dispensaries, and CBD stores optimize inventory. Accessible via desktop, tablet, and your smartphone Headset also helps cannabis businesses keep up with products, brands, and industry cannabis trends.

Protecting Growers IP with Medicinal Genomics

Courtagen Life Sciences subsidiary, Medicinal Genomics has found a way to use blockchain technology to help those who develop different CBD and THC dominant strains. Based out of Boston, Medicinal Genomics provides a service called StrainSEEK that maps and sequences the genetic structure of different cannabis and hemp strains. The company then registers submitted information and stores the data on Bitcoin blockchain as well as in the company’s Kannapedia database. According to their company’s site, the goal was to give cannabis growers, who are unable to patent their unique strains, intellectual property protection.

Groundbreaking CBD Formulations

When it comes to CBD product development, one of the biggest hurdles for scientists has been the size and nature of cannabinoid molecules. Both THC and CBD hydrophobic, which means that they are water-fearing molecules. In addition to being 60% water, our bodies are also incapable of directly absorbing particles that are larger than 80 nanometers in size; the CBD molecules found in most hemp products is about 2,000 nanometers.

In response to this industry-wide issues, nanoemulsion has emerged as a solution that multiple companies are rushing to perfect. Also called biocompatible CBD, nanoemulsion is a chemical process that involves breaking down cannabis molecules to increase the bioavailability of CBD products from 4% to 100%. With nanoemulsion implemented in everything from CBD water to CBD oils and tinctures, multiple startups are laying claim to the next ‘nanoemulsion’ breakthrough, including Nano Ultra, Erth Hemp, and Liposomal CBD.

Track the Products and Companies Looking to Make Your Life Easier

From how to ask for a COA, to what CBD products you should consider trying, CBD high tech is here to make your life easier. As CBD science develops, cannabis entrepreneurs are tackling everything from customer relationship management to strain DNA mapping—stay in the loop with!


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