Why CBD Coffee is a Match Made in Heaven

Why CBD Coffee is a Match Made in Heaven

January 4, 2019

The infusion of CBD into our daily lives continues, CBD has found its way into our favorite daytime drink, coffee. Discover the best CBD coffee brands and what makes them tick with myCBD.org.

Wake Up and Taste the Best CBD Coffee

Why CBD coffee or CBD coffee pods? In order to truly understand the potential of this dynamic combination, first you need to know how CBD coffee is make.

What kinds of CBD coffee are there?

If you’re only looking for a CBD infused drink, the easiest way to spice up your coffee is with a CBD tincture. If you’re a coffee-lover or simply looking for more options, you may want to opt for coffee made with beans that have been infused with CBD.

How will CBD coffee affect me?

While even the best CBD coffee won’t get you high, CBD coffee has many benefits. The benefits of drinking CBD coffee include:

  • anxiety relief
  • inflammation reduction
  • pain relief
  • nausea relief


Perhaps the greatest reported benefit of CBD coffee includes psychological relief but it should also be noted that caffeine also helps counteract some of the sedating effects of CBD. So what kinds of CBD coffees are there and which is the best?

Finding the Best CBD Coffee

With so many different CBD brands and businesses launching new products every day, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by your options. As with any CBD product, some of the first things to look for are a COA, the source of CBD, and, (of course) the source of the coffee beans. Because of the availability of hemp-based CBD products, many companies source their CBD from hemp oil, ensuring that no THC touches your coffee. While shopping for CBD coffee you’ll also notice a bit of a price increase from your grocery store shelf brands; it’s worth it, we promise.

Finding Pure Bliss with Pure Hemp Coffee

At $30 a bag, their CBD coffee is on the higher end, but this could be because of their proprietary process which they claim allows them to achieve a higher CBD absorption rate, creating a “more functional chill” for their customers. Sourced from Chiapas, Mexico, Pure Hemp CBD Coffee medium roast has a lively and nutty flavor that will help you start your morning on the right foot.

With approximately 95-200 mg of caffeine per cup, depending on your preference, each medium roast bag contains 90 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD in it.

Crafting the Perfect Cup with Strava Coffee

These passionate brewers based in Colorado have built a name and a brand by simply sharing their love of good coffee with the world. Founded in 2015, Strava Coffee offers one of the most robust set of options when it comes to regular coffee and CBD coffee.  Recognized as one of the best CBD coffee brands out there by several magazines, including Men’s Health in 2018, they have four different roasts for you to choose from, each with a different CBD dose:

  • Focus – 30 mg CBD/12 oz. bag
  • Restore – 120 mg CBD/ 12 oz. bag
  • Elevate – Elevate 240 mg CBD/12 oz. bag
  • Escape – 60 mg CBD/12 oz. bag (Decaf)

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ll also appreciate Strava’s traditional coffee offerings, which include a Signature collection and a Single-Origin specialty collection.

Give them Hell with Hellion Cold Brew

If you’re an iced coffee lover, Hellion Cold Brew is the cup of joe for you. Made by a Chicago-based company Hellion is packaged in containers that look a lot like a bottle of beer. This tasty, tongue-in-cheek cold brew can only be found in stores though so be sure to stock up once you find them. Each 350 ml bottle will have 30 mg of CBD so having one or two will definitely leave you feeling ready to take charge of your day.

Find the CBD Products to Enhance Your Daily Life

With the list of wellness products infused with CBD only growing, it’s important to find the brands that you can trust. Connect with more than just the best CBD coffee; invite wellness into your routine with myCBD.org.

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