Why People Are Using CBD Edibles

Why People Are Using CBD Edibles

January 25, 2019

From Europe to North and South America, CBD has quickly become one of the most popular supplements in the world. Although CBD topicals, drinks, and vaporizers saturate the market, more consumers are demanding CBD edibles and CBD gummies than ever. Discover which CBD edibles benefits are driving the demand for CBD in 2019 with myCBD.org.

Exploring CBD Edibles Benefits

From CBD edibles for anxiety to the new CBD gummy trend, edibles are an excellent option when it comes to ensuring discreet, potent, and consistent dosing for cannabis patient and CBD consumers alike.

Use CBD edibles to provide long-lasting relief

While reactions to CBD and other drugs can vary from individual to individual, for many consumers, CBD has a calming, relaxing effect. Additionally, CBD edibles have several additional benefits that make it preferable to smokeable hemp or using a CBD vape pen.

As with most edible cannabis products, CBD edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to take effect; however, the resultant relief also lasts longer and is more potent than that experienced via  inhalation.

For consumers seeking long-term relief from chronic conditions or symptoms, the slow release of CBD results in a longer lasting CBD experience.

CBD edibles still won’t get you high and they’re easy to make

Although CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, use of CBD in any form will not result in a psychotropic “high.” Instead, CBD edibles offer consumers an uplifting sense of positive and enhanced energy.

For consumers seeking the health and dietary benefits of CBD without relying on brownies or cookies, infused CBD cannabutter or cooking oils are an excellent—and easy solution. Depending on whether or not cannabis is legal in your state, you may be able to find CBD-infused butters or oils at a CBD store near you or a local cannabis dispensary. You can also infuse your own oils with CBD by purchasing CBD isolate.

CBD edibles lower your risk of lung irritation  and enhance benefits of plant-based medicine

While CBD vape pens are more popular than ever, we still don’t understand the long-term implications of inhaling hot oil on our lungs. For example, many vape oils and cartridges contain thinning agents, like propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol, both of which can produce toxic carcinogens when heated to certain temperatures.

Though products without these additives can be found, the lack of regulation in the vape industry when combined with CBD means that CBD edibles can be a safe way to avoid inhaling potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

Cannabinoid aren’t the only therapeutic plant compounds out there. In most fruits, plants, and vegetables, there are hundreds of beneficial chemicals and terpenes that CBD interacts with and enhances. For example, terpenes like linalool and b-caryophyllene co-occur with CBD and help shape the effects of the cannabinoid when consumed together.

CBD Edibles are Easy to Find and Dose

Despite the incredible spike in demand, or perhaps because of it, many manufacturers sell CBD edibles, oils, and infused products online and available to ship around the United States. While you should also look for a third party’s Certificate of Analysis, there are plenty of trusted CBD brands out there to find.

One of the challenges that accompanies smoking or vaping CBD, is the irregularity of the dose. When inhaling a CBD vape or smoking a hemp cigarette, it can be difficult to determine exactly how much CBD you’ve consumed. Depending on the state market, most CBD edibles come in pre-dosed servings, or with specific dosing instructions that allow consumers to calculate how much CBD they’ve consumed and how is needed to experience the desired benefits.

CBD Edibles are discreet and deliver with minimal side effects

For the new consumer or the everyday user, having to rely on smoking or vaping CBD is both cumbersome and impractical.  However, for those seeking everything from pain relief to a mood boost in the middle of the workday, discreetly eating CBD gummy is an ideal option. While CBD is not addictive and has many benefits, CBD in high doses may come with some side effects, especially for those on multiple medications at once.

Current evidence indicates that high-dose CBD may enhance the efficacy of different pharmaceutical medications, making it necessary for consumers to decrease their dosage. Despite this, CBD is considered well-tolerated and safe to use at a wide range of doses in both healthy and study participants.

CBD Edibles Are Just the Beginning

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