Why Women Are Turning to CBD Products

Why Women Are Turning to CBD Products

December 19, 2018

From easing anxiety to coping with menstrual pain, women are flocking to the CBD market. But why? Dive into the CBD revolution by learning the most common reasons CBD oil for women’s health improving the lives of consumers in America and around the world.

Why are Women Using CBD?

As more consumers and patients are finding themselves left behind by modern Western medicine, people, particularly women, are looking for relief from medical conditions or concerns before debilitation. To this end, CBD for women’s health has emerged as a powerful solution as it tackles a number of the conditions they struggle with the most in a natural and holistic way.

Because it interacts directly with our Endocannabinoid system, one of the benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, is that doesn’t just treat one condition, it treats the whole person.

Witnessing the Benefits of CBD for Women

With CBD’s rapid rise in popularity, there are numerous brands hopping on the bandwagon and producing products of questionable quality. Before you join the masses, it’s important to take time to understand how CBD works and which is the best CBD oil for you.

Coping with Anxiety Using CBD

Women are two times more likely to struggle with anxiety than men, with the highest risk of diagnosis between childhood and middle age. Stress among women has also been on a steady rise since 2007, according to the American Psychological Association.

While it can be hard to differentiate between the two, many young women feel their daily distress doesn’t seem serious enough to warrant expensive therapy or prescription anxiety meds that come with side effects and the potential for addiction. CBD oil for anxiety, however, offers a natural, affordable alternative and has been found to reduce general anxiety in animal studies and social anxiety, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

CBD for Women to Ease Depression

Anxiety and depression often co-occur and it’s about twice as common in women than it is in men. It’s also important to note that many of these women never get treated. Instead, their quality of life suffers, making them feel tired, irritable and just a general sense of malaise or purposelessness.

The disparity in depression between men and women first occurs during puberty, when hormonal changes can affect a woman’s mental health and emotional. This disparity is also evident too during menstruation, pregnancy, and later on, during menopause. Preliminary research finds CBD is a promising treatment for depression, which has the added benefit of not only addressing the depression itself but potentially the anxiety that occurs alongside it. Further, the anti-inflammatory and metabolic aid provided by CBD oils also eases the physical symptoms associated with these periods of a woman’s life.

Making Menstruation Easier with CBD Supplements

Given its dynamic capacities as a wellness remedy, Cannabis and CBD oil for pain are growing in popularity as options for women; especially those who suffer from premenstrual and menstrual pain and are reluctant to take over-the-counter drugs like Midol or Advil. Research has also found a high concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in and around the uterus which bind to cannabinoids like CBD, making it a particularly powerful remedy for women.

Known as a powerful treatment for inflammation, which causes much of the pain that comes from cramps, a number of CBD topicals—and even bath salts— have launched for the purpose of helping women ease period pain. The added benefit of CBD is that it also does something over-the-counter drugs don’t do: it treats the psychological as well as physical effects of menstruation, like irritability, anxiety, or sadness.

What Makes CBD for Women the Perfect  Cannabis Product?

Anecdotal evidence and emerging market research both show that women are increasingly turning to cannabis for health reasons that include everything from menstruation to menopause. Women are consuming cannabis at higher rates than before; find out why with MyCBD.Org by subscribing to our newsletter or submitting the CBD and cannabis questions you’d like answered!

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